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Grace de Gier is a singer/songwriter, born in Colombia and now living in The Netherlands
Music is a very big part of her life and Grace was grown up with a lot of Rock music , like ´The Cranberries´Guns ‘n Roses´, ´Garbage´, ´Blondie´, ´The Cure´, ´The Killers´, ´Roxette´ and others.
Grace describes her music as a unique mix between 80’s/90’s and modern Rock, using instruments that are not common in Rock, from a very Colombian accordion to a Classic violin. She sings and writes most of her music in Spanish and lately also in English. This caught the attention of various American News sites, such as Fox, American News, MTV Rock and The Times! In Latin America her music is also known and Grace had interviews in many magazines and on national radio and television, like Caracol TV and RCN radio and television!