Grace de Gier

Grace de Gier is a singer/songwriter with alternative rock influences and a passion for sharing her music with listeners around the world.  Originally from Colombia and now based in The Netherlands, her songs are informed by her love of her family and friends and her day to day experience.  Singing in Spanish, she creates a sound that is edgy yet welcoming, inviting listeners to hear her innermost thoughts.

Grace spent her entire childhood singing before putting off her dreams when she started a family.  Now that she has firmly established herself in The Netherlands, she is finally ready to pursue her dreams again.  She is excited to continue spreading her inspirational music around the world!! 

Interview with ‘Fashion Victim MX Magazine‘ from Mexico.

Lovely interview with ‘La Negra Candela’ for Radio Online Colombia!

¡Great interview with ‘Universidad Distrital, Fransisco Jose de Caldas’! One of the biggest universities of Bogota.

RCN COlombia!

On RCN national radio in Colombia!
Talking on the program ‘Al Fin de Semana’ about ‘Piensa En Mi’!

Great article on RCN radio from Colombia!
And earlier this year an interview on RCN.

Grace had a great interview with Los 40 Principales from Mexico!

¡Lovely interview on ‘Sale el Sol‘ with Annie Barrios from Mexico!

To Be Frank Records’

For concerts, events and festivals, book directly at


NL : +31 (0) 6 2394 4276
UK : +44 (0)7376 277217

To Be Frank Records is a new agency owned by Frank Lenselink and Tom Pearce.

Frank has many years experience in the music industry and created this wonderful agency.

Tom Pearce has over 40 years of experience, working with many famous artists, like Elton John, Eric Clapton, George Harrison and others.

The ‘Magic’ is here!

The first album ‘Magico’ is released!

After months of hard work during this difficult time, the first album is finally finished and released to all mayor platforms! After the release of the first 3 successful singles (Dame Tu Mano, Me Dueles Amar and Llevame), the album ‘Magico’ is here with 10 brand new songs for you to enjoy!

Below you can enjoy the cover song ‘Magico’ with a lyrics video! This is the 4th song on the album.

“I am returning with my career.
Because I want to bring my music
to as many people as possible!”
Grace de Gier

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