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October 2021

Grace: “My music should make you feel at home.”



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Grace J. Salazar Carreno, better known as Grace de Gier, is a Colombian Singer / Songwriter, nationalized in The Netherlands. She has a great talent for composing along with her team and with her voice she makes a unique sound that makes her songs fascinating. She resumed her career in 2020, after astablishing a family, singing mostly in Spanish and now also in English.

Starting with singing on the school choir and in church, Grace had a lot of interest in performing covers when she was a teenager. She specially liked Rock bands like, The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette, Roxette, Guns ‘n Roses and more of this genre. Later she was also singing covers in Panama City with local bands, singing what she loves most, Rock!
After a long break, Grace resumed her career in 2020 with her own music. She always had the idea of composing, but it was until the year of the pandamic that Grace co-composed and released her Spanish music with 3 singles and the first album ‘Magico’. The reception of her new music, with it’s own style and identity was very positive in her native Colombia, but also from the non-Spanish speaking public from all around the world! The songs are inspired by her own experiences, stories she heard or just her imagination and each song has it’s own style and identity, that wants to be heard in many countries and cultures. Also because of the mix of instruments that are not so common in the Rock / Pop genre.
In May 2021 Grace released her fourth single ‘You Know’ after the album ‘Magico’. This catchy dance song had a different sound and was the first song in English and Dutch. It had very good reviews on the television and radio attracting the attention of her fans again.

Most of the video clips for the songs are directed and produced by Rolf de Gier (www.dutchvulturestudios.com), telling a very entertaining story for each song

Now Grace de Gier is preparing her next EP ‘Tell Me’, again with sounds that will surprise everybody, as was announced by several American en European media.

Music / video’s

Latest music video released for ‘You Know’ on May 27, 2021!

On March 20, 2021 the official music video for ‘Tu Sabes’, was released. This is a great song about the love of your life.

After months of preparation the first album ‘Magico’ was released on October 1st, 2020, containing 10 new songs!

Here you can watch the lyrics video of the cover song ‘Magico’.

Magico is the fourth song on the album with the same name.
It’s about true love, and I wrote this from my heart! When you think of the person you love, you feel the magic within you.

These first 3 songs were released before the album ‘Magico’, between June and August of 2020.


Grace wrote this song for her son, who is now 2 years old. He was in a very critical situation while in the womb and during birth. He was born premature. Now he is doing great and this emotional song tells how Grace felt during this difficult time.
‘Dame Tu Mano’ means ‘Give Me Your Hand’.


When you love someone, but the person who you love doesn’t feel this way anymore. You still feel hopelessly in love, while the other person continues with his live without you. This song is dedicated to that hard time.
‘Me Dueles Amar’ means ‘It Hurts To Love you’.


‘Lleveme’ means ‘Take Me’ and this song takes you to the happy place Grace was thinking about while she wrote this song. She wrote it for her true love and it has influences from her country of birth, Colombia with an accordion. ‘Llevame’ is the last single before her forthcoming album, ‘Magico’.

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