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The latest single ‘DIME’ was released in July 2022! It tells the story of a person, who is still very much in love with the other person, after a relationship breakup. But can’t show it to the world because the other person moved on with his live.


The EP ‘Tell Me‘ was released in 2021, with 3 great songs in English!
You can listen to ‘And Now‘, ‘Wrong Again‘and Tell Me‘ on all major online platforms!

YOU KNOW‘, the new single is here!

‘You Know’ is the English remix of the song ‘Tu Sabes’, one of the Spanish songs from the album ‘Mágico’ by Grace de Gier.

The idea for ‘You Know’ was born, because Grace wanted to make a song in English. Her producer in Colombia, Yizux Friden, made an interesting demo together with DJ Yogev, when they were making the first melodies for several songs. This demo was more in the direction of Electronic Dance and despite Grace being a Rock and Pop singer, she thought this would be a good idea, because she likes the sound of this kind of music. The first thought was to make the dance remix for ‘Tu Sabes’ in Spanish, but finally it was decided to sing in English and a part in Dutch.
Grace lives in The Netherlands and wanted to make a tribute to her husband and her kids with the Dutch part. Together with Rolf, her husband, she composed this beautiful song, that talks about the person you know best.
It is a very happy song, full of energy and positive feelings and the production was done by Yizux Friden, together with the Colombian DJ Yogev.

The MAGIC is here!

My first album ‘Magico’ is released!

After months of hard work during this difficult time, my first album is finally finished and released to all mayor platforms! After the release of my first 3 successful singles (Dame Tu Mano, Me Dueles Amar and Llevame), my album ‘Magico’ is here with 10 brand new songs for you to enjoy!

Llevame‘, my 3th single is released!

‘Lleveme’ means ‘Take Me’ and this song takes you to the happy place Grace was thinking about while she wrote this song. She wrote it for her true love and it has influences from her country of birth, Colombia with an accordion. ‘Llevame’ is the last single before her forthcoming album.

The second single ‘Me Dueles Amar

When you love someone, but the person who you love doesn’t feel this way anymore. You still feel hopelessly in love, while the other person continues with his live without you.
This song is dedicated to that hard time. ‘Me Dueles Amar’ means ‘It Hurts To Love you’.

“My first released single!”

Dame Tu Mano was released on June 18, 2020!

“I wrote this song for my son Jake, who is now almost 2 years old. But during my pregnancy we had a very difficult time, and Jake had only a few percent change of survival. After a hard and long time in the hospital, Jake was born and he is a miracle for sure! He survived hydrops while he was in my womb. Now Jake is the most happy boy in the world and we enjoy him everyday together with his big brother!”

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